Hearing Consultations & Evaluations in Plantation, FL

As a part of our mission to serve the hearing health needs of the most underserved in our community, First Class Hearing Care Outreach of Plantation, FL, offers hearing evaluations and hearing consultations to the Floridians who need our help the most.

Why We Do What We Do

Hearing aids are highly technical and extremely expensive. But everyone deserves to be able to hear and participate in conversations with friends and loved ones with ease, regardless of income or economic status. That is why First Class Hearing Care Outreach was founded as a nonprofit, and what we still aim to bring about.

Our team of audiologists and health care experts has over 15 years of experience in health and hearing care. They will work with you to evaluate the state of your hearing and consult with you to recommend the best solutions to improve and safeguard your hearing.

Exactly What We Do

Everyone who experiences hearing loss does so differently. That’s why the audiologists on our team will get to know you and the exact hearing loss struggles you face. This allows them to recommend the best hearing aids for you and your unique challenges.

We can also determine if there is a problem with any existing hearing aids. If that’s the case, we can repair, replace, or adjust your existing hearing aids to best serve your needs.

Once you have your new hearing aids and other audiology devices in place, you are not on your own — First Class Hearing Care Outreach offers follow-up care, including telehealth support. All this is at no cost to you.

To request our help with a hearing evaluation or consultation, reach out to First Class Hearing Care Outreach today. You may send us a message online, email [email protected], or call us at (954) 999-0519.